Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

ALTSA or Analytical Laboratories and Technical Services Australia Pty Ltd is a new venture commencing with private sector investment. Situated in the Tri-State region in Mildura where VIC, NSW and SA meet in one of the major horticultural regions in Australia.
ALTSA will be using infrastructure built up by the CSIRO at Merbein South near Mildura to world-class standards over several decades. ALTSA intends to be one of Australia's largest laboratory complexes in the Agricultural and Environmental sectors servicing regional areas within the eastern and southern states of Australia and potentially the Asia Pacific region.
To align with ALTSA’s organisational goals ALTSA has established, maintained and is committed to a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with AS ISO/IEC 17025 - General Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.
Quality Objectives - The QMS has been developed to ensure that ALTSA:
  • Adopts and maintains good laboratory practice.

  • Meets the needs and expectations of the industries it services.

  • Strives for continuous improvements and innovation in methods and processes (best practice).

  • Ensures compliance with relevant standards and statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Continually evaluates, reviews and improves the effectiveness of the management system.

  • Complies with ALTSA’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and the WH&S practices. 

  • Maintains a reputation of honesty, integrity, quality and capability. 

  • Has a high level of competence and consistent operation of the business.

  • Provides a high quality of customer service to its customers which includes dealing with all customers impartially and treating their information and results confidentially.

Compliance with this Quality Policy is fundamental to all operational activities of ALTSA. Staff are required to support and be committed to the Quality Policy and its continual improvement, familiarise themselves with all Quality Documentation, maintain and implement the policies and procedures in their work and have an understanding of the relevance and importance of their activities and contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the Quality System. 

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