Investor Relations

ALTSA is situated in the heart of one of the biggest agricultural and horticultural growing areas encompassing 3 states in Australia and offers some of the most advanced analytical equipment in the marketplace. Industries serviced are or will include horticulture, food processing, wineries, waste management, water authorities and government bodies. With growing demands on growers, processors and government bodies for more and more food safety and legal compliance testing, plus no competitors within over a 400k radius, ALTSA is forecast to continually grow and expand to meet this increasing demand for our services across multiple regions throughout Australia. The potential is unlimited. Future projects getting underway include microbiology testing, plant virus testing, and automated robotic greenhouse management systems.

Investment opportunities are now open to those who are keen to be part of such a high potential business without having a conflict of interest with ALTSA’s line of business. Such an investment would need to respect the independence of the respected management team to achieve the best outcome for all analytical clients while contributing genuinely to the well-being of the local community in terms of school science students, a science museum and the promotion of science as a career.

Analytical Laboratories & Testing Services Australia is a privately-owned independent company (there is no government funding involved or affiliation with government agencies). To guarantee the independence of analytical test results, ALTSA management operates as an independent business (separate from investors) while focusing on superior levels of customer service. NB: Investment is separate and no direct or indirect influence on ALTSA admin & management systems is permitted nor any influence on our LIMS (laboratory management systems), clients’ information or their analytical results. To qualify as an investor for ALTSA, you will need to fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Identification document (2 forms of photo ID; Passport and Driver licence) 
  • Minimum funding requirement
  • Declare the source of funding
  • Provide proof for cleared funds in advanced
  • National Police Clearance (NPC) of all countries resided from birth
  • Declaration to be independent of ALTSA management 

After fulfilling these standard requirements, you are then eligible to submit a formal "request for approval" from the ALTSA investment committee.

To further discuss investment opportunities or expressions of interest, please contact us.

Due to legal requirements, all investor-related inquiries need to be provided in writing via email. Our legal and investor relations team will guide you through the entire process to meet your expectations.