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  • ALTSA is a NATA Accredited Laboratory Complex

    Three state of the art NATA accredited laboratories in one location offering an extensive range of testing.
  • Proven expertise

    We proved to be a leader in scientific research and became part of numerous inventions and breakthroughs in the field of soil science.
  • Located in Sunraysia

    Located in Merbein near Mildura, we provide very fast turn-around for all areas.

"With a can-do culture we are continually growing our testing and service capabilities, we have evolved into both a proactive lab facility as well as a resource and solution provider for our customers. Our aim is to be a one stop testing facility. We have multiple labs offering soil, plant, food, water, environmental, microbial and many other types of testing, to the highest standards."

- Ray Harris, General Manager

Soil & Leaf Nutrient Analysis

Salt, soil and plant testing
Automated state of the art instrumentation
ASPAC Certification
Quick turnaround time

Chemical & Residue Analysis

State of the art equipment for the analysis of MRL's (pesticides)
Mycotoxins, glyphosate and heavy metals
Many more compounds

Food, Wine & Custom Analysis

Microbiology, environment
Water & wastewater
Microscopic pollen testing
Consultation Services

Fertiliser Analysis & Testing

Chemical Fertiliser
Organic Fertiliser
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