Respiratory Protective Filtering Mask N95-Style (400 pcs)

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Respiratory Protective Filtering Mask N95-Style (400 pcs)

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  • Australian made
  • Individually packaged respiratory filtering N95-style mask
  • 5x layers of protection
  • Elastic ear loop
  • PVC coated wire nose bridge
  • Embossed with ALTSA logo
  • UV sanitised
  • Carton of 40 x 10 pcs

Our masks fulfil test requirements and standards under test standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 to use as a respiratory protective filter mask.

Our masks are tested against the following methods and we assure the quality of each and every batch we produce.

Penetration of filter material – Sodium Chloride Test95L /min: max 6%
Penetration of filter material – Paraffin Oil Test95L /min: max 6%
Practical performance (FFP2)Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009
Breathing resistanceInhale 95L/min:2.4, Exhale: 160L/min: 3.0
FlammabilityTest standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009
Compatibility with skinTest standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009
Total inward leakage (FFP2)Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009