ALTSA Media Release
October 22, 2021

Face mask manufacturing a good fit for Victorian company, to continue beyond the pandemic

October 22, 2021

Grabbing a face mask when you leave home is as important as remembering your keys and wallet, so a temporary mask manufacturer now plans to continue making them after the pandemic has run its course.

Analytical Laboratories and Technical Services Australia (ALTSA) in Victoria's north-west was established a few years ago to provide testing services for the agriculture and environmental sectors.

ALTSA general manager Ray Harris said the company repurposed a former CSIRO facility at Merbein South, near Mildura, to make face masks earlier this year.

"Even before COVID hit we were looking at masks," he said.

"We also sell a range of glassware for technical uses, for laboratories, and masks just seemed to be a good fit. And certainly, with COVID hitting it made even more sense."

To read the entire article, please view the ABC news article or listen to the radio interview on ABC Radio.

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